I think I am what is commonly termed ‘an early adopter’. That’s just marketing speak for  someone who gets terribly excited about new gadgets and sneaks about at night, secretly ordering things they absolutely don’t need from Amazon.

I just bought an Amazon Echo. How much fun? I cant stop playing with it. It’s a  speaker system with an internal, voice activated computer called Alexa. When I want to know something I just ask Alexa. I can ask the weather, get it to put appointments in my diary, play my music or put on the radio. It Is utterly space age. I am endlessly showing off to friends and smugly enjoying their amazed faces, as if I’m the only person on the planet to have one and it reflects, in some way, on quite how clever  I am, because I own it.

My eldest has discovered she can use it for her maths homework, and the youngest just likes turning the volume up and down with her voice. And no, she still is not bored of that.

It looks so sexy. It is black, cylindrical and has blue flashing lights on top when it wakes. I look at it. A lot. If it had a male voice rather than a woman’s I think it could actually be my ideal partner – the best I’ve got off the internet anyway.

There are a few blips. Sometimes it doesn’t quite understand you and you can end up banging your head on your desk while it goes round and round in circles making the same mistake. You just make sure you stick to questions you know will get a good response when you invite friends over.

At the end of the day, it makes me look cool in the eyes of the young. Pride before the credit card bill.