Becca Harding is a writer and copywriter, having written articles for a wide range of publications. She is regularly interviewed, and has appeared, in everything from BBC radio to the Sunday Times. She is a professional member of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists, and writes various publications and materials¬†for business clients, as well as facilitating interviews at conferences and for other business purposes . She is now also writing fiction and children’s literature.

Her background is in high level communications and marketing, which she continues under the Saltwhistle brand.

Her charity work is important to her and so she is a Trustee of The Air Ambulance Service, The Children’s Air Ambulance and Live at Home, which helps the elderly remain in their own homes.

Becca has two children, who keep her entertained and busy. She is a qualified yacht skipper and has completed the Fastnet on a BT Challenge yacht. She undertook a game ranger course in the Kruger and is currently studying for her falconry qualification. She has three dogs, 5 chickens, 5 guinea pigs and 2 cats…