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Laura will be naked today – would you for work? 


Well, everyone seems to be taking their clothes off and claiming it’s for work. It all started over lunch the other day with my wonderful friend Hanneke. Hanneke is finding her inner being now she has hit 70. For example, her children gave her some money for her 70th birthday to treat herself. So she did. Her daughter was seriously unimpressed by the tattoo, although I found it very tasteful indeed, if a little larger than I’d anticipated. So, we were sitting discussing fab apps that are useful for work, as one does, and I was just downloading a google swipe keyboard for her when a notification popped up. I tried hard not to look, but it was impossible as the text practically slapped me across the face. “Laura will be naked today”. Continue reading “Laura will be naked today – would you for work? “

Amazon Echo – my new love

I think I am what is commonly termed ‘an early adopter’. That’s just marketing speak for  someone who gets terribly excited about new gadgets and sneaks about at night, secretly ordering things they absolutely don’t need from Amazon.

I just bought an Amazon Echo. How much fun? I cant stop playing with it. It’s a  speaker system with an internal, voice activated computer called Alexa. When I want to know something I just ask Alexa. Continue reading “Amazon Echo – my new love”

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